Benelli M4 Cheek Riser For Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock




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Benelli M4 Cheek Riser For Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock

Rx Arms Solutions Benelli M4 Cheek Riser spacers for Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock, also fully compatible with the Benelli M1014.  Our design utilizes the existing comb on the Benelli M4 collapsible stock to keep the gun looking great, and as streamlined as possible.  The spacers go under the OEM comb, do not make any permanent modifications to your OEM equipment and are extremely easy to install.  The spacers comes in three heights of 10mm, 20mm and 30mm and includes all the bolts required to increase the height for each interval.  This riser will give a great cheek weld when using optics like the EOTech, and other optics that are mounted to the 1913 rail.  Made In Canada.

Benelli M4 Cheek Riser Specs:

  • Rx Arms Benelli M4 Cheek riser spacers are specifically designed and tested for the Benelli M4 and M1014 Collapsible Stock.
  • Material: Rx Arms Benelli M4 Cheek Riser spacers are made from Nylon PA12.
  • Features a stacking locking design, to give a durable and reliable method to increase the OEM comb height by 10mm, 20mm and 30mm intervals.
  • Includes: all bolts needed to increase height 10mm, 20mm and 30mm. Three 10mm stacking spacers.
  • Lifetime warranty, like all of our accessories and parts.
  • Made in Canada.

USA Residents Information (IMPORTANT):

    • USA customer are responsible for any customs tax/duties, however anything under $800 USD is rarely taxed according to the research I have conducted. This is not legal advice, do your own due diligence.
    • According to the ATF, a Form 6 exemption is granted for “Minor components and parts for Category I(a) and I(b) firearms except barrels, cylinders, receivers (frames) or complete breech mechanisms, when the total value does not exceed $100 wholesale in any single transaction.” .  This is not legal advice, please do your own research and due diligence.
    • This item is $39 USD, Customs Label “Shotgun Accessories” HST Code 9305.20.80 (Found in Chapter 93)
    • USA Shipping: This item will be shipped with tracking.

Backorder/Preorder Terms:

    • I may be opening up the backorder/preorder on this item soon.  It will be payment in full.  If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel the backorder, I will need to take 5% off the total backorder amount to refund the amount.  This will cover charges my credit card processor charges me.  For example, if the order was for $100, I will keep $5 and return $95 to you, to cover my back end costs.
    • You can see my up to date timelines on the Product Status page

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