Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is your company based out of?

We are based out of British Columbia, Canada. Currently, all our products are manufactured in Canada. In the future we may have USA made products. We pride ourselves on only producing products in North America.

How long will it take for my package to arrive (USA & CANADA)?

We typically ship out every single day, Monday to Friday. Unless Canada Post is closed for a holiday. USA shipments typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive at the destination. Northern states are usually 1 week or less, Southern States can take up to 2 weeks. For Western Canada, typically 2-3 days, Eastern Canada can be up to 10 days. You will get an “Order Completed” email with a tracking number once your order is shipped, if you do not receive a tracking number, check your spam folder, or contact us.

Do I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes, we ship with the Canada Post / USPS network in North America.  Once we create a shipping label, you will get an “Order Completed” email with a tracking number, which you can check on Canada Post or USPS websites. If you do not receive a tracking number, check your spam folder, or contact us.

Do you ship to International Countries?

Yes, we try to ship to any international country that accepts firearm accessories. Some EU Countries have rejected our shipments at random. We are not responsible for rejected shipments at the destination country. If you do not see your country listed on the drop down menu at payment checkout, contact us and we will see if we can add your country for shipping.

Is (product) currently in stock?

If you select an item to purchase, it will notify you if it is currently in stock. If you are able to add an item to the cart, it is in stock. Unless it is for a backorder which will be clearly labeled.

Can I backorder an item?

we typically do not do backorders/preorders on items. If we do, then the item will ship out when it is in stock. If you add “in stock” items to the same order as a backordered item, all items will be held to ship out when the backorder item is in stock.

What is the best way to contact you?

We are a small shop, and very busy. We will answer the phone if we are able to, but typically email and text is the fastest way to get ahold of us.

Do you have any Guarantee on your products?

Yes! We stand behind our products 100%. For the first 30 days if you are having any problems with our products please contact us and we can discuss a refund or replacement. If you have any issues down the line, we provide lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects (not to be confused with normal wear and tear), and also provide general support so please get in touch if there are any problems.

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