IWI Tavor x95 Pistol Grip (Tavor 7 Compatible)

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IWI Tavor x95 Pistol Grip (Tavor 7 Compatible)

The Rx Arms IWI Tavor x95 Pistol grip (also fits the Tavor 7) fullfills many requests from Tavor users worldwide including a trigger finger guard and a more flat gripping surface with no finger bump.  This is a direct replacement for the X95 Cutlass grip, and will install seamlessly onto the X95 and Tavor 7.  Among other notable features include backward compatibility with the FAB Defense Tar Podium Tavor Quick Deployment Bipod.  Made in Canada.  Ships to USA and Canada.

***Compatible with OEM triggers only, is not a plug and play fit with the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger.  Minor removal of material on the trigger guard is needed to allow room for the Lightning Bow Trigger to freely function, see pictures below for examples***

X95 and Tavor 7 FAB Defense Tar Podium Tavor Quick Deployment Bipod Compatibility

Due to the lack of foregrip space on the X95 and Tavor platform, a bipod that attaches to the cutlass grip is a much needed accessory.  This is the first grip on the market to provide backwards compatibility with the Fab Defense Quick Deployment Bipod.  Provides a seamless tight fit.

*** The Fab Defense Tar Podium bipod is not included ***

Rx Arms Tavor X95 Pistol Grip Accessory Specs:

  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip has been tested specifically for the X95 and Tavor 7.  Tested with the OEM trigger spacing on the X95 and the Tavor 7.
  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip was engineered specifically to accept the Fab Defense Tavor Quick Deployment Bipod.  The Fab Defense Bipod will clip right in with a nice tight fit giving you instant bipod access without losing rail space.
  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip also provides a hollow handle with room for storage if that is what the user seeks.  The 2pc handle includes a cap that clips onto the bottom of the handle to keep your items safe.  Cap can easily be unseated in the field with 2 rounds of 7.62/308 or 5.56/223.
  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip features a trigger finger guard to stop your handle from slipping up into the trigger area.
  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip with no “finger bump” on the main handle section, giving the shooter a more traditional grip surface.
  • Material: Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip is plastic injection molded with glass filled nylon.
  • Weight with hardware: 160g, 3 grams lighter than OEM grip.
  • Rx Arms Tavor X95 pistol grip will be offered in Black, ODG, and FDE.  Due to the nature of different inject mold colours, the FDE and ODG colours will not be 100% match for the Tavor rifles.
  • Includes: bolt, flat washer, and spring washer for mounting to the gun.
  • Requires 5mm hex key or bit for installation (not included).
  • Made in Canada.
  • Refund and Returns policy can be viewed here.

Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Mod

Below are some examples of how little material is needed to remove for the lightning bow to freely function.

Tavor X95 Pistol Grip Installation :

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    • When ordering a backorder item with an item in stock, the shipment will be delayed until all items are in stock.

Find Out More Information on the IWI Tavor X95, and the IWI Tavor 7.  You may also be interested in some of my Benelli M4 Parts and Accessories.

60 reviews for IWI Tavor x95 Pistol Grip (Tavor 7 Compatible)

  1. Jonathan V. (verified owner)

    This grip is amazing. It makes my gun feel more balanced and easier to handle. I had the IDF panels on my factory grip but it felt too bulky. This one is just perfect.

    Matches fairly well with my stock. A+ in a well engineered grip.

    Also, make sure to only use a bullet tip to remove the grip plug!

    Image #1 from Jonathan V.
  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Good quality glass reinforced polymer. Was looking for a grip with trigger guard but also cutlass style hand protection.

    Image #1 from Jeremy
  3. Ray Hamlett (verified owner)

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first because I have been burned by other companies claiming perfect fits with aftermarket parts. This grip with the attached podium has FAR exceeded my expectations! Thank you Robb for a quality grip which does exactly what you said it would! Fast shipping to NJ as well!

    Image #1 from Ray Hamlett
  4. Jacob (verified owner)

    This grip was a phenomenal addition to my Tavor 7! It matches the aesthetic of the rifle perfectly, and allowed me to attach the Tavor Bipod to it, giving the rifle even more versatility! I highly recommend this!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice fit, easy to install.

  6. Jeffrey B. (verified owner)

    I purchased my IWI X95 a couple of years ago. I was fortunate enough to get one of the IWI pistol grips. I liked the cutlass grip but my fingers kept sliding up behind the trigger. I missed the forward protection of the cutlass grip. That was until I came across your product. It’s the best of both worlds and I also have a small storage area in the handle as well. Great product! I highly recommend it! I just wish I would have found it sooner.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fit great, works great. Easy installation.

  8. Xun (verified owner)

  9. Vince (verified owner)

    Great product, exact fit and spot on colour match (FDE). Canada post messed up the delivery and RXarms was ready to send me another, when Canada post corrected their mistake. Shop with confidence at RXarms

  10. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Great fit on the Tavor X95. No problems at all with install. I wish it had a more aggressive texture, but that’s a matter of taste, and was easily solved with some Talon Grips extra material. Recommended improvement over stock grip, as it keeps the saber shape, while also giving a trigger guard.

  11. Jason C. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the IWI Tavor x95 Pistol Grip (Tavor 7 Compatible) for my T7 so that I could install the Fab-Defense Tavor quick deployment podium. This pistol grip fit perfectly on my T7. I love having the full trigger guard. Rx Arms was excellent, the product shipped from their store quickly. It did take a couple of weeks to get to me, but being it came from Canada right before Christmas I expected shipped to be slow.
    I would absolutely recommend Rx Arms to anyone and I will be using them again in the future.

    Image #1 from Jason C.
    Image #2 from Jason C.
  12. Steve Smith (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and finish, have one for both of my X95’s and the podium fits correctly. Well worth the money and shipping from Canada was pretty quick.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly. Easy to install. Quick Shipping.

  14. Jason (verified owner)

    Positive experience and review!

  15. Derrick H. (verified owner)

    Solid, well thought out, and with solid construction and incorporation of miscellaneous features for more accessories and storage. Game, set, match! This is clearly the best and only grip module you need for the Tavor line of rifles. Great work my lad

  16. Nick S. (verified owner)

    This grip is exactly what the cutlass grip on the X95 should be. The integrated trigger guard blends the classic Tavor lines with the practical protection for the trigger, preventing objects (and fingers) from slipping behind it. I highly recommend this grip to anyone shooting the X95.

    Image #1 from Nick S.
    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Beautiful picture, looking good!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The FDE colour match was actually better than the FAB Defense pedestal it enabled. I’m not mechanically inclined but it was a simple install following the RxArms video. A great upgrade for leftist vermin like me!

  18. Peter Rennie (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product , would 100% buy again
    Besides that amazing customer service , support these guys you won’t be disappointed

  19. Ben (verified owner)

    Service from Rob at RX Arms was fantastic. Absolutely love this grip and when combined with the FAB Defense Podium Bipod it’s the perfect accessory for your Tavor 7!

    Image #1 from Ben
  20. Derek S. (verified owner)

    My new grip arrived quickly and was easy to install. Great product.

    Image #1 from Derek S.
  21. Gil (verified owner)

    Fitment is perfect, sturdy and rugged. Feels great in the hand. Robb is a stand up guy! Had some shipping issues, he fixed the problem promptly! Buy with confidence! Great purchase and addition to my Tavor 7

  22. Carlos R. (verified owner)

    The part fit as if it were an original IWI grip. I was extremely happy with this purchase. I was always a fan of the FAB defense podium bipod and always wanted one but I had a X95 that wasn’t compatible. Now I have the best of both worlds. Thank you.

  23. John Baker (verified owner)

    Easy switch and fits perfect. A more natural comfortable grip feel.

    Image #1 from John Baker
  24. Jacob Thompson (verified owner)

    I got this grip specifically for the Tavor 7 and the TAR Podium. I liked the Cutlass style grip, but still appreciate the extra trigger guard. IWI sells a Tavor grip that is just the trigger guard – don’t really like that. I commonly grab/hold/carry the firearm by the cutlass handle. This little addition is very helpful.

    The TAR Podium fits just right as well. This makes for a durable and snug bipod, which also works very well. This is the only way that I am aware of to fit a TAR Podium onto a Tavor 7 rifle.

    Great price, good durability, shipped fast – great buy and seller!

  25. Paul P (verified owner)

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    This is the grip you want. With the original grip you will find your hand slipping behind the trigger. I noticed that when I first handled the gun at store. I figured I could just train with the gun and make sure it did not happen. Good intentions. By the end of my trainings I found my hand was behind the trigger. I decided to get a new grip.

    The first grip I purchased was a similar design from another company. After everything was kitted out I decided to tighten all the screws one last time. I drove the grip screw up an unsupported channel and ruined the grip (poor design). JB Weld to the rescue. I still did not like the quality of the grip.

    Then I came across RXARMS, and I placed my order. When I received my grip it felt like it could take a lot of abuse (then the other companies grip). I did have to modify my grip because of my Geissele trigger. Take your time and do it right. I chucked up a Dremel sandpaper bit in my drill press so I could have more control. After I got it to the depth I wanted, I polished the area with 300, 400, and 600 grit sandpaper. I do not feel that removing material from the trigger guard has weakened it. It works and looks great.

    The FDE is a good match to the original gun. Now I have to get to the range.


  26. Anonymous (verified owner)


  27. Keith (verified owner)

    Perfect fit great product

    Image #1 from Keith
    Image #2 from Keith
    Image #3 from Keith
  28. Ray W. (verified owner)

    As advertised, delivered quickly and solid product. Perfect fitment with the Fab Defense bipod (see picture below)

    Image #1 from Ray W.
  29. Anthony C. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, kept in touch on status of purchase, product was as advertised, will look to do further business when In need of accessories or parts.

  30. Stephen (verified owner)

    Easy install. Good fit.

  31. Shane (verified owner)

    Worked great I bought 2. For my x95 and 1 for my 7. The look and feel nice. I had a geissele trigger in my x95 but with a little bit of help from my drummel it fit nicely and now both of my guns have a bipod without taking up rail space

  32. Keith R. (verified owner)

    Great products got me 3 different finish of them from you guys specially when i installed the zahal product podium

  33. Cody R. (verified owner)

    I bought this to use with the Podium bipod, and it works great! Keeps the “stock” look, does the job, and is a great price.

    Image #1 from Cody R.
  34. Graham Spencer-Scott (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and easy to install. Color is matching with other components. Smooth grip with no finger groove is a much nicer option to have for versatility. Being able to have the TarPod is a huge deal for me. I am very grateful to RX Arms for designing and producing a fabulous product. A MUST have item for the modern Tavor owner!

    Image #1 from Graham Spencer-Scott
    Image #2 from Graham Spencer-Scott
  35. Stacy T. (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality, fits great. I would definitely recommend. I did have to clearance a little on the trigger guard for my geissele trigger but nothing major.

  36. Philip (verified owner)

    Just about perfect fit!

    Image #1 from Philip
    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Thanks Philip, the FDE colour worked out very well to match the IWI FDE.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy install, with a perfect fit!!! Thank you kindly for providing a quality product that finally allows us X-95 & 7 owners to use the fab defense podium.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  38. Jess (verified owner)

    Loving this grip. I still have a guard for my shooting hand but I’m not risking my fingers sliding up too high behind the trigger or things getting caught on it.

    Image #1 from Jess
  39. Tom B. (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly. ODG color match was right on. Perfect set up for the Tavor 7

  40. Larry T. (verified owner)

    It’s heavier than expected.

    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Thanks Larry, our Grip is 160g with hardware, 3 grams lighter than the OEM grip.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Last but not least in my x95 build! I was very excited to be able to attach my fab defense bipod and ordered this immediately when the email came in that they were back in stock. Super stoked to get it and install. Very pleased with the quality!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
  42. Mark Wieland (verified owner)

  43. Justin (verified owner)

    Worth the wait

    Image #1 from Justin
  44. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Likes; the design, thick grip, and the ability add the Fab Defense bipod to it.
    Dislikes; Have to modify it for use with the Lighting Bow Trigger

  45. David (verified owner)

    This grip will increase the versatility of your X95 with the ability to seamlessly integrate a bipod without taking up any rail space.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent grip, fits the x95 like a factory part and very well made. High quality.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  47. Robert N. (verified owner)

    The grip fit perfectly without any fitting. I bought a black one and an FDE. The FDE was a virtual color and texture match to the firearm. Excellent product.

  48. Walter (verified owner)

    I actually had forgotten that I was on a waiting list for this product. So I was excited to receive an email saying they were back in stock. I ordered it and it took about 2-3 weeks to come in. ( Customs, I’m sure.) It was an easy install and just what I wanted. Thank you.

  49. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Love it but when i try do remove it to see something i broke one of the tab in the grip ! All my fault

    Image #1 from Jonathan B.
    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      I’ve emailed you about sending you a replacement. As mentioned previous, best method is using 2 rounds of ammo to unclip the cap, it will gently unseat it.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like this addition to my T7. The mold fits the Fab bipod, and seems to me to be made with supreme quality. I cannot wait to try it out at the range.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  51. Matthew (verified owner)

  52. Bryan W. (verified owner)

    It was a perfect fit and easy to install, now I don’t worry so much about accidentally disturbing the trigger.

  53. Matthew S. (verified owner)

    This is a great product! Separates the trigger from the rest of the grip but still has the grip “guard” in front of the grip to retain the Tavor look. Allows the Posium bipod to be installed on the x95.

  54. mitch aschoff (verified owner)

    Haven’t shot with it yet. Fit as nice as stock and just as secure. The cap on bottom is really hard to get off but I figure it will get easier with time. I would prefer it more secure over easier to get off anyway.

    Image #1 from mitch aschoff
    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Hey Mitch, using a couple rounds of 5.56 or 7.62 makes unseating the cap a lot easier. Thanks for the review!

  55. George (verified owner)

    Fit, finish and function was perfect on my Tavor 7. The best part is now being able to attach the Podium on the Tavor 7 like I have on my Tavor SAR.

    Image #1 from George
  56. nathan (verified owner)

    Great product ! Just remember the screw included is not the same as the old one, don’t lose it !

  57. Todd (verified owner)

    Installed the grip today. Have the Trigger Bow so did some sanding. Used some Flitz after and used a Sharpie marker to blend the color. Worked out great. Also installed the Fab podium. Great grip!

    Image #1 from Todd
    Image #2 from Todd
    Image #3 from Todd
  58. WT

    Great quality and as close to IWI’s FDE as anybody is going to get. Slightly longer than the factory grip, a nice bonus if you have a larger-than-Israeli hand, and said hand no longer slides behind the trigger. Very little material removal required to fit the Geissele.

    Image #1 from WT
    Image #2 from WT
    Image #3 from WT
  59. Jay (verified owner)

    My grips arrived today and they fit the gun and the bipod absolutely amazingly. Quick and easy to install, honestly impressed with how well they managed to match the OD green colour. Thanks for the phenomenal work and helping make a great gun better.

    Image #1 from Jay
    Image #2 from Jay
    Image #3 from Jay
  60. Jim W. (verified owner)

    A must have for any x95 owner! Well made and very easy to install. Did some slight dremmel work ( Geissle trigger). Now, at long last; we can also use the fab defense podium. Easy install also. Perfect !!

    Image #1 from Jim W.
    Image #2 from Jim W.
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