Benelli M4 Magazine Cap Titanium

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Benelli M4 Magazine Cap Titanium

Benelli M4 Titanium Magazine Cap CNC Precision Machined from Titanium 6AL-4V. Replace the Polymer style magazine cap on the Benelli M4 with a solid Titanium Cap.  When used on a tube with no spring retainer, you will gain an extra 0.15” of spring space which can help with some loads that are tight with 7 in the tube.

Titanium Caps will be Cerakote Black finish or raw blasted titanium satin.   Our Benelli M4 Accessories and Parts are all made here in Canada.

NOTE: Our up and coming Heatshield design will include a specifically designed magazine cap to function with the heat shield.  This mag cap can still be used with the heatshield, but it will not have the unique functions the Heat Shield mag cap will have.

We offer two colour finishes:

  • Black Cerakote
  • Raw Satin Titanium

Benelli M4 Magazine Cap Titanium Specs:

  • Designed and tested specifically for the Benelli M4 / M1014
  • Made from the finest Titanium 6AL-4V.  Typically used in Aerospace design to give high strength and low weight application.
  • Gain an extra 0.15” of mag spring room when used on a mag tube with no spring retainer.
  • Offering Black Cerakote, or Raw Blasted Titanium Satin finishes.
  • Weighing in at only 35.4 grams, slightly less than the Polymer Style OEM Cap.
  • Made in Canada
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Refund and Returns policy can be viewed here.

USA Residents Customs Info:

We have been shipping our products to USA customers for years without issue, below are some items to note:

    • USA customer are responsible for any customs tax/duties, however anything under $800 USD is rarely taxed according to the research I have conducted. This is not legal advice, do your own due diligence.
    • According to the ATF, a Form 6 exemption is granted for sporting shotgun parts/accessories as stated on point 6. “Sporting shotgun parts other than firearm frames or receivers or barrels.” [are exempt from Form 6].   The Benelli M4 is a shotgun that is legally imported into the USA as “generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.” (further details on this can be read in the ATF National Firearms Act Handbook).  As such, it is a sporting shotgun when it is imported into the USA, and according to the Form 6 exemption list, does not need a form 6 when importing parts and accessories..  This is not legal advice, please do your own research and due diligence.
    • Customs Label “Sporting Shotgun Accessories” HST Code 9305.20.80 (Found in Chapter 93)
    • USA Shipping: This item will be shipped with tracking.

Backorder/Preorder Terms:

    • Backorders are payment in full.  If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel the backorder before it ships, I will need to take 5% off the total backorder amount to refund the amount.  This will cover charges my credit card processor charges me.  For example, if the order was for $100, I will keep $5 and return $95 to you, to cover my back end costs.
    • When ordering a backorder item with an item in stock, the shipment will be delayed until all items are in stock.

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66 reviews for Benelli M4 Magazine Cap Titanium

  1. Daniel Almeida (verified owner)

    Best magazine cap ever.

  2. Scott Storm (verified owner)

  3. Anthony M. (verified owner)

    *2nd Mag Tube Cap* After purchasing this outstanding Ti magazine tube cap for my full-sized Benelli M4 H2O to allow it to easily load 7 longer 2 3/4″ shotshells, I went ahead and purchased a second one to go on my M4 LE Entry for it’s lighter and stronger design. A highly recommended part for all M4/M1014 (or M4 clone) shotguns, and I could not be more pleased with it’s performance and appearance.

    Image #1 from Anthony M.
  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything works great. Full incorporates into the M4

  6. monte aldridge (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect.

    Image #1 from monte aldridge
  7. Byran Houghton (verified owner)

    I ordered the dark color extension tube twice and got the titanium. I would like the dark one and will send you back the other. Thank you.

    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      We suspect you have a clone, as mentioned the Dark Charcoal is not black and will not match the clones black tube.

  8. Anthony M. (verified owner)

    An outstanding magazine tube cap for the Benelli M4 that is superior in every way to the stock plastic mag tube cap that comes from the factory (i.e. lighter & stronger). A “must-have” for loading 7 shotshells of Federal FlightControl buckshot (or similarly longer 2 3/4″ shells), and is 100% highly recommended to any serious M4/M1014 (or M4 clone) owner.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice finish and looks amazing.

  10. Charles (verified owner)

  11. Mathew L. (verified owner)

    Looks great, performs as intended and has the added benefits of titanium metal over polymer. I also have installed the 6 position recoil tube, which puts the stock in the perfect position for my body size over the stock 3 position. I also have added the titanium charging handle which has been great, and I will be purchasing the full magazine tube if it is released again. Thank you Rx arms for the continued solid Benelli parts.

    Image #1 from Mathew L.
    Image #2 from Mathew L.
    Image #3 from Mathew L.
  12. Krayger (verified owner)

  13. Martin L. (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  14. Chris S. (verified owner)

    Nice replacement / upgrade, especially if you’re upgrading the mag tube.

  15. Cesar G. (verified owner)

    Amazing work on the mag tube cap. Looks better and feels better than the OEM one.

    Image #1 from Cesar G.
  16. Adam DuVall (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and a big upgrade over the oem plastic cap.

    Image #1 from Adam DuVall
  17. Dennie Dillard (verified owner)

    Works amazing.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. John (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased multiple things here. They are all perfect.

  20. Dylan Bouchard (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and good packing. Love it. If you’re the kind of person who wants to replace some of the original plastic components with metal ones, look no further. It looks the part. The color is great. Very happy with my purchase. While you are reading this review, I would highly recommend you add their magazine tube tube extension to your cart as well. The Benelli M4 bolt release tab is also something to consider buying too! The color matching on RXArms is amazing. Wonderful products and I am delighted.

    Image #1 from Dylan Bouchard
    Image #2 from Dylan Bouchard
    Image #3 from Dylan Bouchard
  21. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Looks great, very light, and machine finish was perfect!

  22. Michael B. (verified owner)

    While purchasing the RX Arms mag extension for my Benelli, I also bought this mag cap. I was not disappointed. It’s very well made and looks great.

  23. Charles (verified owner)

    Was exactly what I was looking for. Gave the mag tube a little extra room so other ammo types like federal have enough room to fit in the tube. Plus it looks good/ makes the gun more durable

  24. Scott (verified owner)

    It worked perfectly. Quality is outstanding.

  25. Mitch Simon (verified owner)

  26. Jason (verified owner)

    Great quality. Looks great.

  27. Xun (verified owner)

  28. Jeffrey Rahuba (verified owner)

    Top notch manufacturing

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Michael A. (verified owner)

  31. Ceephus (verified owner)

    Been running this cap for a while now. The extra space it gives that magazine spring retainer cap definitely comes in handy. Let’s me fit 5 flight controls safely/comfortably on an uncut Wolff mag spring finally. I can literally tighten everything down and then remove the cap and see how much extra space it is providing compared to the OEM which pushes it down flush with the tube.

  32. Kevin (verified owner)

    Well made part. Fit better than OE part. Gave me more room in the mag tube to fully fit seven rounds.

  33. Jonathan P. (verified owner)

    much nicer than the oem cap and finely crafted.

  34. Bill C. (verified owner)

    Expensive but you get what you pay for. Very pleased

  35. Andrew (verified owner)

    You can definitely tell there is a superior quality with this cap when compared to the OEM from Benelli. Not to knock on Benelli, but this Titanium cap only enhances an already amazing shotgun. Happy to have made this purchase. Thank you!

  36. Charles Fields (verified owner)

    Beyond easy to install. Added capacity.

  37. Michael R. (verified owner)

  38. hoang pham (verified owner)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! Very happy, thankful for the buy.

  40. Rick Throckmorton (verified owner)

    It works like should!

  41. Armen R. (verified owner)

  42. Nathan (verified owner)

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

  44. Greg J. (verified owner)

    Love it. Top notch quality. Color matches. Allows seven Federal flight control 00 buck in tube.
    Thanks for what y’all do!!!
    Greg in TEXAS.

    Image #1 from Greg J.
    Image #2 from Greg J.
  45. David (verified owner)


  46. Garth S. (verified owner)

    Remedied a long standing issue with allowing full shell capacity with a variety of ammo lengths.

    Image #1 from Garth S.
  47. Felipe Herrera Jr (verified owner)

  48. Zachary Stinson (verified owner)

    The extra room it gives for shells in mag is worth it. Also fun to say titanium.

  49. G Schwomeyer (verified owner)

    I use a 14” Benelli M4 for work and always hated how tight the 5th round in the tube was to load. Particularly a problem with Fed FC OO buck. Worried it might cause a malfunction at the worst time I kept it in the vehicle with 4 in the tube and 1 on the lifter. This cap fixes the issue and allows that extra 1/8 inch play you get with most shotguns on the last round in the tube.

    Image #1 from G Schwomeyer
    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Thanks for the review, great to hear the extra space in the cap made a big difference for you and your setup!

  50. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Love the fact that it’s titanium. I wish it was more easily distinguished from the original cap. Either way, titanium trumps plastic any day of the week.

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Machined beautifully and shipped fast. I’m glad Robb is giving the M4 some love with his excellent products and service.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

  53. James Myshak (verified owner)

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is outstanding.

  55. Richard Calkins (verified owner)

    Looks great, fits perfect and adds a bit of room in the tube. I have both the black and raw titanium. It’s a tossup which looks better but the raw titanium looks much better in person than the photo. I am really happy, thanks!

  56. Dario Salguero (verified owner)

    Thank you for the titanium end cap and swivel sling support for the collapsible stock…. I love both pieces they look great!!!!!

  57. Oscar Martinez (verified owner)

    Always you have great ideas that make sense!!!!

  58. Raul (verified owner)

    Excellent workmanship and superb customer service

  59. Micheal (verified owner)

    This is a cool upgrade from factory. Nice machining and coating. The less polymer on my Benelli the better! Shipped to the US fairly quickly. Great product, great service.

    Image #1 from Micheal
  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well done part

  61. Walt (verified owner)

    Much better than plastic, don’t worry about it failing. I thought the Titanium would be darker but it’s okay.

    • Robb Hutzal (store manager)

      Hey Walt, the natural blasted satin titanium does get a lot darker once you start shooting with it on. The residue from the gun powder darkens the finish.

  62. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece, although not necessarily needed, it’s one of those pieces that those demanding the highest quality parts on their M4 should want…it’s also somehow lighter than then zytel/steel factory cap which is an amazing feat of its own. Keep cranking out the great m4 solutions.

  63. Joe Ramieri (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and finish. Quick delivery. Very satisfied!

  64. Phil D. (verified owner)

    Well machined and finished Ti cap for my M4.

    Image #1 from Phil D.
  65. John O. (verified owner)

    Noticeable lighter weight than the factory magazine cap. Finish and fit is perfect and no deviation from the factory specs. Direct fit. Absolute excellent products. I purchase most if not all the Benelli M4 parts sold on RX Arms in twos. One for my work M4 and the other for my home defense M4. I am completely satisfied and confident in the looks and functionality of these products.

  66. Alan (verified owner)

    The Rx Arms M4 Ti Magazine Cap is excellent. A small but noticeable weight savings and excellent quality overall. A very nice upgrade over the OEM cap. I got the black Cerakoted one and it looks just like the OEM.


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