Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab

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Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab
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Benelli M4 Charging Handle Titanium US$89.00

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Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab

Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab made from 1095, 50 RC hardened spring steel with a Cerekote Graphite Black finish, the same finish that is applied to the Rx Arms Benelli M4 Titanium Charging Handle. This modification is very easy to install, requires no gun smithing, it just tucks in between the forearm and the forearm retaining band. Also compatible with the Sulun Arms Tac-12, Canuck Operator, and Panzer M4 (among other M4 clones).  This product goes well with the Rx Arms Ti Charge handle as well as the 4140 hardened steel charge handle.  Rx Arms Benelli M4 Accessories and Parts are all made here in Canada .  Ships to USA and Canada.

Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab Specifications:

  • Rx Arms Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab is specifically designed and tested for the Benelli M4.
  • Rx Arms Benelli M4 Bolt Release tab greatly improves the surface area to release the bolt, which can be very useful under high stress situations.
  • Material: The Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab is made from 1095 spring steel.  This metal is extremely hard shim stock, with high elasticity.
  • The finish is Cerekote Black to match the Benelli M4.
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made in Canada.

USA Residents Information:

    • USA customer are responsible for any customs tax, however anything under $800 USD is rarely taxed according to the research I have conducted. This is not legal advice, do your own due diligence.
    • According to the ATF, a Form 6 exemption is granted for “Minor components and parts for Category I(a) and I(b) firearms except barrels, cylinders, receivers (frames) or complete breech mechanisms, when the total value does not exceed $100 wholesale in any single transaction.” .  This item is under $100 and according to the information presented, to the best of my knowledge, is exempt.  This is not legal advice, please do your own research and due dilligence.
      • For Customs, this part will be labeled as “Shotgun Accessories” HST Code 9305.20.80 (Found in Chapter 93)  Canada is in Column 1 for Duty Rate.
      • Please ensure your cart total does not exceed the $100 ATF limit.  As long as your cart total is below $100 (specifically for gun accessories, shipping doesn’t count), no form 6 is required for the ATF.  If you have questions about this feel free to contact me and I will help you to the best of my ability.  This is not legal advice.
    • USA Shipping
      • If you combine a bolt release tab with a charge handle it will ship with tracking USPS/Canada Post.
      • Bolt Release tab on its own ships small air packet USPS/Canada post (no tracking) to keep costs down, if you order two or more, then I will ship it tracked Packed USPS.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery due to customs and cross border shipping.  Contact me if it hasn’t arrived in 4 weeks.

Other International Shipments (IMPORTANT):

    • Other International customers are responsible for any customs tax/duties.  This is not legal advice, do your own research and due diligence.
    • International customers are solely responsible to comply with all of their local laws and regulations.  Rx Arms Solutions is not liable for any legal compliance issues that may arise from the purchase of my products.
    • For Customs, this part will be labeled as “Shotgun Accessories”:
      • New Zealand HST Code: 9305.20.00
      • Norway HST Code: 9305.20.00
      • Sweden HST Code: 9305.20.00
    • International Shipping: Items will be shipped with tracking.
    • Once shipped, this item is non refundable, if it gets lost in the mail, it is the customers responsibility and cost.  Rx Arms Solutions is not liable for any lost shipments.

Why Upgrade to A Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab?

The stock OEM bolt release button is very small, and hard to place during high stress, or fast operation.  The Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab provides surface area to place 3 fingers on the release.  It is naturally easy to find with your fingers, to release the bolt as quickly as possible.  Other bolt release devices such as a “Bolt Release Pad”, usually require gunsmiths to drill and tap the button to install the device.  This costs additional money and time.  In addition, should this type of device fail from catching on a hard surface.  This can also damage the internal bolt release functionality of the Benelli M4.

If the Bolt Release Tab catches and breaks on a hard surface in the same situation, the small OEM bolt release button, and function, remain intact.  For this reason, the bolt release tab can be a better product which can ensure no damage to your firearm in the event of a damaged failure.


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57 reviews for Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab

  1. Michael Thuot

    Excellent product…..the bolt release tab is much better than the factory button.

  2. Brian

    Arrived quickly. Easy to install and works perfectly. Looks good too.

  3. C

    If you find the OEM bolt release too small for your liking this is the best solution. Wide surface area and well made. It requires no modification to the gun unlike other “oversized release” buttons which require you to either replace some internals or drill and tap the existing button. An additional benefit is that is that should the release become snagged on something it will not damage the gun because it only rests over the mechanism instead of being bolted on. It may seem a bit pricy for what it is but it’s significantly cheaper (and better) than other market offerings.

  4. Pat B.

    Work amazing, a must have. Love the simple design and rounded corners.

  5. John

    makes hitting bolt release that much easier without committing to replace the factory bolt release, if this thing ever fails, say at the end of the spring steel’s life span(which will outlive the gun and you probably), you can just take the handguard off and get rid of it
    beware because the steel used is much much harder than the aluminum receiver of the m4, when taking the handguard off it will drop free, so if you are not careful it will scratch up your finish with the might of god himself

  6. Joel

    Great product. Like it alot better then the factory one and other oversized bolt release. Shipped fast.

  7. Jim

    Excellent product. Simple to install and makes releasing the bolt much easier and more convenient. I’m using it on a Canuck Operator, a Turkish M4 clone, and it fits and works perfectly.

  8. Winston


  9. Henry Eng

    Outstanding product. Makes it much easier to release bolt.

  10. Steve

    Way better then the original, exactly what I was after.

  11. Bryan

    I went with this tab instead of a traditional style of oversized release. It looks 10x better IMO, and works/looks better than S&J’s tab, which I also had, which scratched the paint on my receiver.

  12. Tyler W.

    Looks legit and works perfect.

  13. Mike Strong

    I love this bolt release alot especially when I am wearing gloves. You can hit it in the dark. Unlike just having that little button…
    Buy this and you will be happy. Easy installation as well.

  14. Salt

    Received it quick!!! Excellent fit and function. Just what i was looking for without all the other jazz from similar companies. Highly recommended.

  15. Jan Gerstner

    Benelli M4 Bolt Release Tab.
    It’s funny how little things can make such a big difference. For me, the Benelli button was so painful to operate I had to change my grip to get it.
    I tried a bigger button with a terraced featcher. It was no easier to operate and still hurt my fingers.
    This tab looks so – – – wrong. BUT, the price was right so I bought one.
    It came promptly but looking at the directions I did not how it could work.
    But work it did! Perfectly and with minimum pressure.
    One thing: mount it low. If it’s too high the bolt operating handle will hit you fingers.
    Buy it. You’ll like it.

  16. Jordan Roy

    This little piece of metal is simple, it is inexpensive, and it works. The is NO REASON not to get it. Shipped quickly, good service.

  17. Joseph

    Purchased this item a year + ago as soon as they came back in stock after adding my name to the waitlist. The simplicity of it is where the genius is, instead of having to remove springs and parts, just a quick drop in that makes releasing the bolt so much easier on a variety of orientations.

  18. K Z

    Great replacement for the OEM bolt release. It is easy to install and looks great. Arrives quickly and is well packaged.

  19. PL (verified owner)

    This looks good and works perfectly. I was planning to use the GG&G model, but it is at least 4 times the price, if you can get your hands on one. The slick design and quick installation make this the way to go.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)


  21. Daniel Martin (verified owner)

    Awesome product! A must have in my opinion! Fits great on the gun and functions perfectly. Couldn’t be happier!

  22. Thomas (verified owner)

    got it in about 3 weeks. just watched a you tube video to install it. design is simple and so effective. brilliant !!!

  23. John Henson (verified owner)

    Easy install, works great

  24. Joseph Perry (verified owner)

    Love it

  25. Donald Weiss (verified owner)

    Excellent product, excellent customer service.

  26. Joe B. (verified owner)

    The bolt release works reliably and does not alter the original Benelli hardware.

  27. Mike F (verified owner)

    Easy to install, and works great.

  28. Alejandro O. (verified owner)

    Good stuff, installs easily and shipped pretty fast for Canada to US. I like the quality of the product.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great, easy installation.

  30. Junghun S. (verified owner)

    Button release is easier than ever!

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product works as advertised (it is a bent piece of metal, after all)Great customer service, and communication throughout. My package was initially returned to sender as the wrong address was entered on my end. They reached out to me, confirmed the correct product and I had it in hand in just a couple days. 10/10 would order again.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Went above and beyond! Outstanding product

  33. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Easy addition with no modifications needed

  34. Roger R. (verified owner)

    These guys were great to deal with and are worth your support.

  35. Apple (verified owner)

    This little device is a game changer for ease of use of the Benelli M4 and the YouTube video provided to install it properly only made the whole process that much more easier and safe! Thank you RXArms! Purchasing more products as they become available to the market!

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome, it’s a no brainer, get it !

  37. Gary (verified owner)

    Excellent product fits perfectly without any modification.
    Strongly recommended!!

  38. Jason U. (verified owner)

    Simple yet effective enhancement to my Benelli M4 clone – Canuck Operator, love this product!

    Image #1 from Jason U.
  39. Tom (verified owner)

  40. George Millette (verified owner)

    Works perfect hooked right in and changes the action of releasing the bolt tremendously

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is ingenious and worth the investment. It is high quality and makes operating the release effortless. Pick up the charging handle as well, you won’t be disappointed.

  42. Connor (verified owner)

    Cool product! simple and robust, had to cut a little slot in my forend to fit the part but otherwise installation was easy. Really increases bolt release button surface area.

  43. Alexander (verified owner)

    GREAT! Came as advertised! Great idea for quick bolt release. BTW I have the charging handle also, quick, easy and easier on the hand. Both Great add on’s to the Benelli M4.

  44. patrick (verified owner)

    Works very well! We shall see how it holds up. A good upgrade for us civilians. thank you

  45. Thomas Walker (verified owner)

    Easy install. Works very well.

  46. Jack Hayslip (verified owner)

    Beautiful simple product that works like a dream. I also love the fact it works with my Briley Handguard.

  47. David Diaz (verified owner)

    This product is amazing mostly because it’s easily removable and feels better than any other oversized bolt release I have used.

  48. Andrew David (verified owner)

    Excellent product that exceeds expectations.

  49. Ken Murphy (verified owner)

    Simple, clean design. Very nice.

  50. Brian Wahlster (verified owner)

    Top quality and finish!

  51. David Elkins (verified owner)

    This is an impressive modification for the Benelli M4. This Bolt Release should be “standard” for the Benelli M4 coming off the Benelli manufacturing line. A must have UPGRADE if you own a Benelli M4. Bravo Rx Arms.

  52. Jordan G. (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this bolt release tab. Super easy install, this is the way it should’ve been built from the factory.

  53. Christopher Davies (verified owner)

    Personally, I found the OEM Bolt Release a little small. Someone recommended I check out RX Arms. I’ve made 2 purchases and intend to make more. The tab is super easy to install, and works like a charm. I personally didn’t need to do any trimming or anything. Fits nice and snug. 10/10 would recommend.

  54. Karl Jacobson (verified owner)

    Imporves the functionality greatly! very happy with this product

  55. Ryan Brown (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. Highly recommend, especially compared against more difficult and expensive solutions to the same problem.

  56. Charles Search (verified owner)

    Great addition to my M4 !!

  57. Angelo Grillo (verified owner)

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