Product Status

June 28/2022

Benelli M4 Charging Handle Titanium – ETA Next Batch

    • The next batch is underway, ETA will be roughly August/September 2022

Benelli M4 6 position Recoil Tube – ETA July 2022

    • Still on track for the recoil tube in July 2022.
    • Machining of final production parts taking place this week, then need to send off for heat treat.
    • After heat treat, need to send off for premium surface treatment.

Benelli M4 Charging Handle 4140 Steel – ETA July 2022

    • Expecting to get final machined handles late June 2022, then send off for black nitride.

Benelli M4 QD Sling Mount – ETA September 2022

    • Early stages on this with the machine shop.  September 2022 is best estimate.

Benelli Titanium Mag Cap – ETA Fall 2022

    • This has been put on the back burner a bit, but still planning to release this.

Benelli M4 Magazine Extension – ETA September 2022

    • Will have Cerekote tube matched product for sale in September.

IWI Tavor X95 and Tavor 7 Pistol Grip – ETA August/September 2022

    • I am now developing this with an engineer, hoping to have a prototype in the next 4 weeks.
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